SOLID – Mostafa Gamal’s Album 2012



Mostafa Gamal’s eclectic album

(Tanta – Egypt)

Artwork by Mehdi Maïez (Tunis)

Mostafa Gamal – SOLID – Part 1 (52.3 MiB)

Mosafa Gamal – SOLID – Part 2 (55.9 MiB)

Mostafa Gamal’s interview

First, Could you quickly sum up your « musical » biography for us? How did you start producing music? What about your former projects?

I started music production 3 years ago depending on previous experience in composing music, i started making electro house, classic trance and classical compositions for native artists. at the beginning of 2011, i started producing uplifting, progressive and ambient trance since then my releases are coming to every important store. My releases before « Solid » were : Rain Over The Major Scale, Effect EP and the upcoming track « Spirit ».

What are, globally, your main influences? What are the main influences of your album « Solid »?

The nature always motivates me to compose music, the ambiance and the effects of nature give me every melody i need to compose a new track. Also the music of Tiesto and Amr Diab have a magic on me, every single track of them i listen to is a single influent for me. For the new album i depended on my feeling to compose my tracks.

How did you work on this album (hardware, software, studio, recording…)? Why did you decide to call it « Solid »?

I’m already using a huge amount of virtual instruments and sequencers, FL Studio is my main weapon, I’m also using Logic Pro. In my home studio i just have my computer and a dsp card, no other equipment i use in my studio … of course in the future i will obtain my tools !

How is the artistic situation in egypt since the revolution? Do you feel like things changed?

The artistic situation gone bad in egypt, the popular music became very bad, there is no composition in it and they have the same arrangement, depending on rude and public lyrics, and many many people support this kind of art. also the rap scene … i know not all of them became bad but the majority of them became bad !

What are your projects for the future (any live, collaboration…..)?

In the future i’m looking for collaborating with artists from allover the world to present new forms of music … soon i will have my radio show and mixes.


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