MileSound Bass – Italian beatmaker

In 2002 MileSound Bass started listening and playing rap. He produced beats for his crew called « SenzaLogicaCrew« , but  90% of those beats remained unused.

He always liked classical music, soul, jazz and blues music. The beats he produced were influenced by those styles but over the years he turned away from classical rap-structure.

Then he discovered hard electronic music such as hardcore or hardtekno. He listened to it for about a year and did the same for reggae music the following year.

In 2008 he went two months to London and dived into the electronic music world, especially drum’n’bass and dubstep.

When he came back home, he seriously began exploring electronic genres. He started  DJing and producing  tracks for his first cd , “Logical Progression”.

In 2009 he founded a rap crew with his friends SoulSwitchOn and Charly. when GomeZ joined the team one year later, they tried to make a new kind of music, under the name Fahrenheit 451, rapping on MileSound Bass electronic productions.
In 2011 he achieved a certificate in Electronic Music Production in the SAE (Milan). Meanwhile, he collaborated with SoulSwitchOn on the  “Souldato Mixtape”.

His personal project “Logical Progression” was published in 2011 by Ephedrina Netlabel (Rome) under CreativeCommons.

This cd resumes10 years of music experience : a mix of drum’n’bass & dubstep, rap with SoulSwitchOn, kick gabber from hardcore, soul and classical samples, reggae chords , keyboards melodies with Daniele Suanno and alien influences.

While he was waiting for the release of “Logical Progression”, he stopped  listening to drum’n’bass & dubstep, although he’s still producing tracks.

Now he ‘s interested by IDM, techno Detroit, ambient, glitch, breakcore, jungle and others. He tries to mix these sounds with drum’n’bass & dubstep.

His upcoming album  and the tracks produced for his new band (UFO PRJCT, with SoulSwitchOn) are the logical progression of his influences.

MileSound Bass’s interview

Hi man, first of all, could you talk to us a little bit about the Milesound Bass project, the fahrenheit 451Crew and the UFO project? What about your former releases?

MileSound Bass is my personal project:  the album i released (“Logical Progression” (2011) and the upcoming one “We all born mad, some remain so” result from the mix of several kinds of music I’m listening to. So, there isn’t actually a genre that I make, in which you can recognize or classify MileSound Bass; I’m following my personal musical evolution.
Fahrenheit 451 is the crew i founded with the rappers Charly and SoulSwitch On (GomeZ joined us for a short period of time). Fahrenheit 451 is a book of Ray Bradbury that we liked.
in the lyrics, we try to talk about the system’s oppression on people.  At the beginning we did only rap music….but  then I started bringing my electronic music  in the selection and production of the beats. Now we have a not-classic-rap live: drum’n’bass and dubstep beats, rap vocals.

Ufo Prjct : SoulSwitchOn and I had in mind this project for years, but before doing it, we needed to improve our knowledge and open our minds for experimentation. The first track of this project is “Messinscena” ,  a mix of jungle/drum’n’bass/IDM with rap vocal. in the future we are planning to produce dubstep, IDM, trip hop, soul and more.

How could you define your music that goes from Electronic  to drum’n bass, from reggae to hardcore? It seems hard to categorize it!

Surely right now, in 2012, what I do is close to the concept of IDM (Intelligence Dance Music), music for listening and not for dancing. This is a part of my personal evolution. everything I listen to  could be a part of my sound. It might seem weird, but there are 3 important parts of my work are research, melodies and  structure of 140 or 173 bpm, more or less.

What are your main influences?

As I said before, everything could influence me, but until now, my most important influences are: rap, soul, jazz, blues, classic, reggae, dub, tekno, hardcore, drum’n’bass, dubstep, 8 bit, ambient, breakcore, glitch, IDM, trip hop. I am also starting to listen to 90’s house music and techno Detroit. Even if I’ve never liked it, I believe those sounds will be a part of mine soon.

How do you work on a track? do you choose the style first or do you mix things step by step until it becomes a track?

The second way is my way. Sometimes I start immediately by setting bpm and that influences the all work. But it isn’t  something that I can’t change . I can start with a particular bpm and finish with another one. If I have to work for someone or with my band, I would probably do something that is about dubstep or dum’n’bass. But changing the bpm when the track is done in order to rework it, is not unusual for me.
As I said, I am an open minded and I’m open to experimentation, so I don’t have only one way to produce music.

Why do you support free culture?

Market laws force the artist to switch his work in a product compliant to the system, a system made of almost lobotomized people who can’t choose their « flavors » in the songs sponsored by big labels. This concept can be extended to all other kinds of art.  This, is a sufficient reason to support free culture, no need to mention all the others.

On what kind of projects are you working now, a new album, an EP, some lives….?

Now I am completing my second cd.
Concerning UFO and Fahrenheit 451 we just decided to take a break from live in order to have individual musical evolution and to extend our network of collaborations.
Now I want to focus on two points:
1) The development of a live set with Ableton and two controllers: APC40 Akai and PadKontrol Korg. In this project I will probably collaborate with a guy from Metaborg who will develope a visual made of live drawings with the pen tablet. It is a difficult stuff so it might take a long long time.
2) I want to participate to many contests. right now I am participating to Ableton Beat The Clock Contest and Hyundai Contest. I am working for the Aucan Contest and to Dimensions Festival Contest and more.
I also sometimes receive requests of collaboration by other musicians or by label, like yours.
(told this way I may appear fucking famous, but I am not. eheh.

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