« Gates to the Unknown » MILESOUND BASS – New release EP 2012

ART-AK PROD. 2012 presents

« Gates to the unknown » - by MILESOUND BASS

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First of all, could you tell us why you called this EP « Gates To The Unknown »?

The first thing is that almost all the songs I produced turn around a range of 3 dimensions : dreams, aliens and states of consciousness or states of unconsciousness.
I can say that titles of the EP and of its songs can bring us to two different but parallel levels of meaning: a personal level and a musical level. These two have a common denominator: the research.
Staying on the musical level, the world « unknown » refers to the dimension of experimentation I make when I play: I want to combine more different styles and genres in my songs, to do a personal and inedited thing . I don’t like to make  too many tracks closed, ghettoized in their own genre; I want to do some kind of hybrid, unknown sound. (I want to reiterate that it is an evolving research. I haven’t reached the point of arrival…yet! ). 
The world « gates », instead, represents the possibilities and the different realities, seen like the inside of doors: there are various styles and genres, some that I have already exceeded, some which I’m still entering in, and some for which I still haven’t the key. But maybe “I will find” it…
For the second level, the personal level, the title « Gates To The Unknown » recalls the research of an unknown kind of life, the alien life. From this point of view, tracks titles take on another meaning. For example, « I will find you » declare that I’m searching for it (in the visual, the girl is looking for something that is outside of the picture, invisible, unseizable, unknown); and « Ouy Dnif Lliw I » is because sometimes I found it.

You have a very personal style man! how could we define your music for this EP? Is it some kind of mix between Dubstep, Glitch, Ambient and Jungle?

Yes, in this EP there is a mix of the genres you have identified, in an IDM-format; but there are also some 2step drums, kick gabber and many little references from other genres.

The 3 tracks sound very « mystical ». Could you talk to us about the influences of this EP and in general about the influences of your music (books, movies, music, painting….)?

When I was working on these tracks, I especially listened to ambient music and its allied, like « Tangerine Dreams – The seven letters from tibet  » ,  » Brian Eno – Another green world », « Aphex Twin – Selected ambient vol 2″,  » Ólafur Arnalds – Found songs » and  » global communication – 76:14 « . 
But in my Ipod there were also Amon Tobin, Trentemøller, Autechre, Fahrenheit Project, Kruder & Dormeister and too many other artists to be able to write here.
But music isn’t the only inspiration of my work. 
Concerning movies, I have to thank in particular “Waking Life”, “A Scanner Darkly” and “Matrix”.
I’m quite ignorant about painting and sculpture; but I often read some books dealing with psychology (I’m studying Psychology at University ), aliens (like: « Peter Kolosimo – Not of this world” or « Landsburg – The outer space connection « etc) and dreams (like « Umberto Di Grazia – Dimensione Sogno”); and other books dealing with the way to take control of dreams, to make lucid dreams, and with nocturnal self-hallucinations, etc . I’m not saying that all the topics of the books or documentaries are good, some of them might be bullshit but I think it’s still great to develop reasoning and inspiration.
Reading all these things consecutively, it might suggest that my interests revolve only around music, dreams and aliens… and it is not totally wrong.

The art-work is also very personal and dreamy. Who made it and how did he/she work on it?

The artist is my girlfriend, in art Demi. I asked her to draw a cover for the EP, and we worked on the subject while we were on a train, coming back from Amsterdam, this summer. I explained her why did I choose those two samples and which images they recall to my mind. She started sketching up the impressions given to her by my worlds, and then she worked  directly listening to the tracks of the EP. The first figure she drew was the girl, looking far away, out from the picture. She said she was using a female figure because it had to be  elegant and fragile. Then, she added some creepy figures on the back of the girl, a kind of tragic destroyed Gregorians. The songs are a background, a musical accompaniment for the girl’s research. Gregorians emerge from other planets, and their apparent pain can be spread only through their songs.
In the remaining hollow space of this white, motionless universe, we can see lifeless planets floating: everything seems to be hanging, in suspense; waiting for something new, something important and meaningful. The common link between all these planets are cables, growing like a wild ivy, going in and out of the rocks and of the Gregorians too.
We agreed the final pencil version into an Irish pub, and so she completed the picture at  home with china 0.7, 0.3, 0.2, 0.05

What are your upcoming projects?

In output order  we’ll soon release the first video of the UFO prcjt (an electronic-rap project with SoulSwitchOn), for the song called « Still Raining »;
 Then, will  publish another low-cost-video, from this ep, for the song « Ouy Dnif Lliw I”;
In the near future i will be release my second album, containing « Still Raining  » 
- later, will be the turn of the second EP, with a techno imprint.
All these project are already finished, it just requires a few time to tune it.
- moreover, I’m finishing my third EP, where I’m not employing the usual 4/4 time signature.
Of course if you have read the answers above, you can already imagine the three topics that you’ll find in those projects.

Do you prefer working alone or are you searching for some featurings?

Working alone is easier than working with other people  because you are the only one who makes decisions: times, obiectivies, risorses etc; but it’s also true that a teamwork is more stimulating.
 Actually, I’m carrying out many projects, alone and in team: like Fahrenheit 451 (SoulSwitchOn, Charly and I), Ufo Prjct (me and SoulSwitchOn), and other collaborations with my brother (pianist for nearly 20 years), and with friends or other people that I met. Musically, many of them are very similar to what I do alone, and other are very different (for example, a collaboration is with a jazz-band, and another one is with a compositor of classical music).

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