« To Be As One » – EP by Shimmer – 2013

ART-AK PROD.  presents « To Be As One » - by Shimmer EP/Release 2013 Enjoy and free download this chill deep house EP Glad to promote this wonderful producer and DJ from Amsterdam! Bookings: jairvankruijsdijk@gmail.com To contact or check Shimmer’s projects    Tweet


« The Prologue EP » by TVP – 2013

ART-AK PROD.  presents « The Prologue EP«  - by TVP EP/Release 2013 Enjoy and free download this massive trap EP! Big up to this young producer comin’ from Netherlands. FULL SUPPORT!   Tweet


« Monster Growl » by David Break – EP 2013

ART-AK PROD.  presents « Monster Growl » - by Davidbreak EP/Release 2013 Davidbreak is a spanish electro producer coming from Sevilla. Monster Growl is his first release but certainly not the last!! Be sure to like, download and share!!!! Davidbreak’s projects on      Tweet


« Gin & Juice » by KENO & TVP – EP 2013

ART-AK PROD.  presents « Gin & Juice » - by KENO and TVP EP/Release 2013 After the release of the Champion EP Keno comes back with a new Trap project in feat. with TVP…Some massive british bass music Be sure to like, download and share!!!!   Check Keno & TVP’s projects on    Tweet


« Warrior » – MARKO KAHN – Release 2013

ART-AK PROD.  presents « The Warrior » - by MARKO KAHN EP/Release 2013 ART-AK Prod. and Marko Kahn presents you the « Warrior » EP, some downtempo electro triphop from Croatia. Be sure to like, download and share!!!! Check Marko Kahn’s projects on      Tweet


« Champion » EP – Keno – release 2013

ART-AK PROD.  presents « Champion » - by KENO EP/Release 2013 Brighton producer, just 15, using FL STUDIO 10 and wants to show YOU what he can do, producing music from, mainly the Drum & Bass and Neurofunk genre. ART-AK Prod. and Keno presents you the Champion EP, some fat british trap music. Be sure to like, download and share!!!! Check Keno’s projects on     Tweet


Sherpa EP ❆ PaxLab ❆ New release 2013

ART-AK PROD.  presents « Sherpa » - by PAXLAB EP/New release 2013  Here it is!!! After the heavy « Count of Freakx » our favorite composer and producer PaxLab prepared for us an EP of its own…Let’s start 2013 with massive sound!! Check others PAX LAB’s projects on       Tweet


« Med’in Dubstep » – Mediterranean Dubstep Net-tape

ART-AK PRESENTS « Med’in Dubstep » Mediterranean Dubstep Net tape For Free Download here!  Après les sorties de « Spring« (Net tape dédiée aux révolutions populaires en méditerranée)  et « Odyssey« ,  Art-AK revient avec un nouveau projet: « Med’in Dubstep », disponible en téléchargement gratuit. Med’in Dubstep est composée de 11 morceaux d’artistes originaires de Bosnie-Herzégovine, Italie, Grèce, Tunisie, Slovénie, Maroc, Egypte, Espagne, France et Croatie.  ——- After the releases of « Spring » (the Net Tape dealing with the « revolutions » in the mediterranean area in 2011) and « Odyssey« , Art-Ak comes back with a new project: « Med’in Dubstep« , a ... Read the Rest →


« Gates to the Unknown » MILESOUND BASS – New release EP 2012

ART-AK PROD. 2012 presents « Gates to the unknown » - by MILESOUND BASS Free download here MILESOUND BASS’s Interview First of all, could you tell us why you called this EP « Gates To The Unknown »? The first thing is that almost all the songs I produced turn around a range of 3 dimensions : dreams, aliens and states of consciousness or states of unconsciousness.
I can say that titles of the EP and of its songs can bring us to two different but parallel levels of meaning: a personal level and a... Read the Rest →


SOLID – Mostafa Gamal’s Album 2012

ART-AK PRESENTS « SOLID » Mostafa Gamal’s eclectic album (Tanta – Egypt) Artwork by Mehdi Maïez (Tunis) Mostafa Gamal’s interview First, Could you quickly sum up your « musical » biography for us? How did you start producing music? What about your former projects? I started music production 3 years ago depending on previous experience in composing music, i started making electro house, classic trance and classical compositions for native artists. at the beginning of 2011, i started producing uplifting, progressive and ambient trance since then my releases are coming to every important store.... Read the Rest →


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