360 Degrees – Afrasonic’s New album (2012)


« 360° Degrees »

Afrasonic’s new chill out album

(Rabat – Morocco)

360 Degrees – Afrasonic – Tracks 1 To 5 (32.0 MiB)

360 Degrees – Afrasonic – Tracks 6 To 10 & Cover (37.7 MiB)

Afrasonic’s interview

Why did you call your album « 360 Degrees »?

It was hard to find a title to this album because it is composed by 10 tracks, each one having it’s own style and atmosphere.

Globally there was no main idea. I composed a lot of tracks without seeking coherence. So when i chose the ten tracks of the album, i realized that i produced a track in each style of music i like: hip hop, reggae, electro, oriental, orchestral, trip hop……

That’s why i decided to call this album « 360 Degrees »….This album is a good summary of all my influences.
The title was also chosen cause i knew the album will be released in summer…So i wanted to produce a sunny project which tends to warm up your ears.

Hope you’ll like it!

Could you present us this album?

First, I produced 20 tracks in very different styles. I deleted some of them, others will be used in several projects. I kept 10 tracks for « 360 Degrees ».
Globally i think that it is a « chill out » album made as an easy listening and smooth project.

The way i worked was different for every track. I used a lot of samples, like in « Oran Mécanique », « Easy Life » or « Desert beauty » but i also composed 2 orchestral tracks called « Sweet Separation » and « the Melodies Army ». In the tracks called « Riots » and « Indian summer », i begun using wobbles. My brother PaxLab is still influencing my work!
I don’t specially listen to or like Dubstep but i like the groove of the wobbles. I think i’ll use more of them in my future projects.

The whole album was created in my home studio. Half of the album was created in Rabat (Morocco) from october 2011 to february 2012  . The other half was made in Nice. Maybe this explains why the tracks have different vibrations.

Do you work on other projects in parallel?

I begun working on a new project dedicated to dub music. It’s a great project where i can rework on  jamaican groove. Kind of « going back home » project cause i begun music as a singer in a dub band called « Skank Embassy » where my friend PaxLab was playing keyboard, Gabriel (FTP Krew) playing the bass and Patros (Groove Mastaz) playing the guitar.

On this project all those guys will be present. i want to make a collaboration project and my friend Crash-b will probably be also on it. I’m still seeking  other artists for featuring.

i think the project will be released at the end of 2012. Until then take care….And enjoy « 360 Degrees ».


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